The Daniel K. Poling chapter 992 Vietnam Veterans of America was first established
in New Hampshire by a group of Vietnam Veterans, who shared a common vision.

“That unless Vietnam Veterans developed new methods for assembly, technology
utilization, mobility and philosophical mission” we would be left behind again. Our
shared experiences, observations and participation in other veterans formations
had proven that the traditional method of assembly were not effective and

We organized our assembly under the banner and constitution of Vietnam Veterans
of America Inc. This is a national Veteran formation that provides structure
guidance and advocacy on the federal level.

The chapter is alcohol free; it is also mobile allowing for full membership
participation by going to where our membership lives and holding meetings in
different geographic locations.

The chapter is named for the late Reverend Dr. Daniel K. Poling, a true American
patriot and the brother of Reverend Clark Vandersal Poling one of the four immortal
chaplains of World War Two (see picture below).  Reverend Daniel Poling worked
tirelessly for many years to keep the great sacrifice, memory, and message of unity
demonstrated by these great American hero’s alive.

Dr. Poling held a special place in his heart for all veterans.  When others would not,
he supported Vietnam Veterans. He helped us get started.  We honor his efforts
and pledge to continue to spread the message of fellowship embodied in the spirit
and sacrifice of the four Chaplain’s.
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Dr. Daniel K. Poling
Daniel K. Poling
Photo taken during
the 2006 Veterans
Picnic at Dr. Poling's
home in Deering NH
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Our Motto:  
”Never again will one
generation of
veterans abandon
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