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VVA992 is a non-profit organization.
Our Mission:

Is to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam

Is to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change
public perception of Vietnam Veterans.

Is to provide a vehicle for the free exchange of ideas and information related
to the well being of the total veteran’s community.

Is to develop a strong pro-active veteran’s assembly that offers real Nam
styled camaraderie and mutual support.  
The membership of the Daniel K. Poling Chapter 992 Vietnam Veterans of America
is representative of all the men and women who served in every branch of the
United States Military, in combat and non-combat roles during the Vietnam era. We
open our doors to offer our fellowship and friendship to all Vietnam era Veterans
and members of their families.
Our Motto:  
”Never again will one generation of
veterans abandon another”.
In the spirit and sacrifice of the Immortal Four Chaplains
Chapter President's Message:
The Daniel K. Poling Chapter 992 Vietnam Veterans of America has experienced a
very successful and rewarding year. The Chapter’s seasonal enterprise is fully
operational and has achieved self-sustainability. The effort of our fund rising
coordinator/committee has resulted in Chapter 992 being invited to participate in
over numerous public events throughout the New England region, including being
the lead veterans group from New Hampshire in the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
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Welcome to the
Virtual Wall!
Click here
to visit the
Virtual Wall
of all those lost
during the
Viet Nam war
with the names,
bio's and other
information on our
lost comrades.
Here's how it works:
  • Click here to go to
    the site
  • Click on a state;
    then when it
  • Click on a name
  • It should show you
    a picture of the
    person (if available)
    and their bio and
Click here to learn more about the Four Chaplains
Click here
to learn more
about the spirit
and sacrifice of
the Immortal
Four Chaplains
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Welcome Home
Brothers and Sisters
The Viet Nam Veterans of America
The chapter has formed a nesting committee that has created a support operation
that reaches out to individual veterans; it also renders support and assistance to
agencies and deserving charitable organizations. We have and will continue to
support active combat units in both Iraqi and Afghanistan.  Our collaboration with
our friends/neighbors has allowed for the meshing of thoughts and action that will
help reweave the fabric of our veteran’s communities in the spirit and sacrifice of the
Four Immortal Chaplains.   This will insure that “Never again will One Generation of
Veterans abandon another”.  Melvin M. Murrel, President VVA 992
Daniel K. Poling     Chapter 992     Deering NH         
If you get the chance, stop by
and visit our Memorial Bench
dedicated to the memory and sacrifice
of the Four Immortal Chaplains of
World War II.  It is located in the
beautiful State Veterans Cemetery
in Boscawen New Hampshire.

The bench is surrounded by
commemorative bricks that have the
names of VVA 992 members who
served in Vietnam.

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